We are aware of our beloved dog won’t be with us for good, although we’d really love it to happen! Dogs are the best mates who can be with us!
Many dog lovers have ever wondered about the reason of the difference lifespan of dog breeds…Why does a Saint Bernard dog have an average life expectancy of about 8 years and a Miniature Poodle can live about 14 years? What is the reason of this difference truly?
According to many veterinarians, the geriatric age starts depending on the dog breed or size. For small dogs usually start about 11 age, although for large dogs are about 7 years.

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scooby.tamaño250            Most of us know that there is correlation between human years and dog years. This connection goes changing on based the size of the dog. This relation is really similar among the sizes of dogs (small, medium, large, gigant) until about the third year, then the correlation is always higher to higher size. These data about the life expectancy in dogs in connection with their size are well documented, but the reason behind of it is unclear by the researchers. The question is….Why it happens?

Cornelia Kraus, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Göttingen in Germany, dealt two main possible theories to attempt to explain why large dogs live less time than small size dogs,

1) Large dog breeds age FASTER
2) Large dog breeds start aging EARLIER

In order to try to decide which was the right hypothese, Dr. Kraus and her colleagues worked with more than 50.000 dogs from 74 different breeds.

They were testing data about their age and cause of death. These dogs were taken from some of North American Veterinary Teaching Hospitals. After all the researches, the faster-aging theory was taken as the right. The researchers deduced that large dogs age at an ACCELERATED PACE if they compare it than other dogs who are small size. Currently, there aren’t researches which are addressed about what is the really reason of this accelerated pace of aging in large size dogs. Cynthia Kenyon, a researcher at the University of California tells this might be due to higher concentration of the growth hormone in large dog breeds’ blood in compare with small dog breeds.

Nowadays, we don’t know what is the exact reason of this and we hope it might be discovered someday….Imagine that our four legged friend may go along with us all our life path. By all means, we think scientists must have a proper behaviour with pets when they research and follow an ethical way to do it.

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