Hi folks,
I’d like to stick on another st.patrick’s day idea for dog collars, a funny satin shamrock.
What you will need:
1/8 yard green satin
Gem or button for center
Clip or pin backing
Candle and lighter
Needle and thread
1) Make a nice pattern of shamrock on cardstock to trace the pieces.
2) Trace the pattern pieces onto the green satin fabric – there is no need to use a washable marking pen – a regular pen will work nicely. Cut out the shamrock pieces. Snip a short slit into the leaves of each piece.
3) Singe the edges. Light the candle. Holding the edges of the shamrock pieces neat the flame – carefully singe the edges taking care not to light the fabric on fire or burn yourself. Take your time with this step – you may want to try this on a practice piece before attempting it on your cutout shamrocks.
4) Nest the shamrocks into each other – depending on how you singed the edges you might need to take eliminate one of the pieces to make it fit properly.
5) Sew or glue together. Now that you have the pieces places how you like them sew a few stitches into the center or you can glue each piece to each other. I like to use a combination of both – I sew the center and then glue the stem sections so it lies nicely.
6) Add bling. Cover up the stitches by gluing a jewel or button into the center of the shamrock.
7) Add backing. Glue a clip or pin back in to the back of your shamrock.
8) Clip carefully on the dog collar
It’s easy-peasy! But this project is not for kids! Please, Make it adult supervision.