Hello! My name is Gemma, I”m 22 years. My pets are called Lucy and Sammy, are Yorkshire Terrier breed mother and son . Lucy is 8 and is lame in her back leg, Sammy is 1 years old and is blind in one eye. Both were going to be sacrificed by a particular breeder, the reason was they were not economically profitable. A friend, who knew this breeder, told me about it. I was shocked about tthat,,, how can these atrocities continue to happen? ..I offered to keep them at home and take care of them,, you can not imagine what they love me, and I am happy to have rescued them from the hands of the previous owner,,my dogs will not beautiful or perfect, not win beauty dog tenders, , but during this time I have received more from them than they from me…I love Sammy and Lucy. I upload a photo of them that I took some days after getting at home..poor them!