pet id

How are pet lovers getting on? I’m a new user on petcollars forum and I’m glad to take part on it. First of all, I’d like to introduce my beloved cat, Rhonda who is 10 years. Her name is due to Beach Boys song “Help me Rhonda”, and she’s a Siamese cat. She’s recently gone through a surgery by a tumour in one of her mammary glands. In the beginning of Rhonda’s arrival, I turned down the idea of castration despite the advice of vets, I wanted her to keep her normal periods and have some kittens. Eventually I decided her to go through a castration when she was six years. Likewise, a small tumour was developed on one of her glands and she was held up with a surgery to get rid of that little tumour. Next two weeks, she’ll go through another surgery to remove her mammary glands. Well, I’m telling you about this because I’ve recently found a witty pet tag to save all medical information, it’s a tiny USBdrive which can be tied of her cat collar. It seems so useful if Rhonda get lost or another situation happens. All her medical information and other data are kept into this tag pet id . I’ve decided to purchase one for Rhonda, I hope this can be handy to someone. I stick on a photo’s of Rhonda with her earlier pet tag and when I get to buy this up to date cat id tag It’ll be posted on pet collars forum :)