green crocheted shamrock

Hi all,
This is a good idea to embellish your dog collar for St.Patrick Day if you like to knit, specially crochet. I write the steps to make a cutie crocheted clover, it’s quite easy.
You need a crocheted needle and green wood. To start, we must make three chain stitches, then close it to make the main circle. Add three chain stitches to make the first clover petal. Next, make one triple stitch- one double stitch- one triple stitch and make three chain stitches to close the first petal. You must repeat this sequence to make the another two petals.
To make the tail of the leaf, make five chain stitches and above them, make another four chain stitches. You mustn’t forget to start the four chain stitches since the earlier second chain stitch. Finally, close and hide the loose thread.
I hope you like it. I download a photo of the green crocheted clover to sew on your favourite dog collar! It’s so easy to make it if you know yet the crochet work.