Many dog owners have to face with a frequently problem when they get going for a walk with their dogs.. The dog keeps pulling on his leash! And we feel lost in that situation…our dog is running out of control!

cartoon-dog-on-leashFirst of all, we’re really into the idea our dogs can run free of all types of ropes, but we feel that it’s really needed to cut down on their freedom in certain situations. Because of this, learning how to keep our dog under control with the leash is a wise decision for almost  all dog owners, specially people who live in a city center.

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When we aren’t able to control your dog, we frequently think that the dog is specially rebel or stubborn, even then it can look a little bit foolish! J. The first thing that you must know is there isn’t any silly dog in all over the world…It only exists badly training dogs!

clever dog

Briefly we want to tell you the main reasons of this dog behavior. We consider it’s important to understand the cause before you can put into practice a good training for your dog.

Why your dog can’t stop pulling on the leash?

1)      Excess of Energy no released: This means that your dog doesn’t do enough daily exercise  to feel well so that, he gets by on a wrong way when he has the chance of running and jumping…our dog feels really overexcited and he can’t stop pulling on his leash without any control.

2)      Continuos Badly Training: Your dog learnt that when he pulls on his leash, you follow him so that, your dog  associates pulling with getting somewhere he wants to go. The dog mind is very easy to understand if we put ourself in dog’s place.

3)      Attempt to keep the body balance: Occasionally, the dog tries to counteract on against sense the strength that is being applied on his neck by the leash. The reason is your dog is trying to keep his body balance by this way.

What is the best method to avoid your dog pulling on the leash?

From our point of view, the best method to avoid your dog pulling on the leash is the “Be a Tree” Method; before we’d like to give you some simple advice which help you get better this badly dog behavior.


1)  Start with a wide flat collar and strong leash. Don’t use a retractable leash until your dog learns not to pull on the leash.

2)  When you put your dog the leash on, make it sit and calm down before start  the stroll.

3)  Remember use little treats when it makes right things, like dog candies.

4)  Don’t forget this requires a LOT of patience! Never punish your dog shouting, hitting o pulling the leash strongly.

What is the “Be a Tree” Method?

The “Be a Tree” Method involves that whenever your dog pulls, you must stop and keep standing still (like a tree!). Don’t mind how strong your dog pulls, don’t allow it to go wherever it wants to. The reason of this method is that if your dog pulls and you follow it, the dog’s learning to connect that pulling is a really effective way to reach somewhere. Next to, wait until your dog is quite and the leash is loose to start walking again. Repeat for the duration of the walk.

Another important thing you mustn’t forget is not to allow your dog walks in front of you, although the leash is very long. You must lead the walk not your dog! Because, if your dog leads the stroll, it probably feels that it keeps the control. Your dog’s shoulder mustn’t overtake your legs.


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