My name is Sarah, and this is Charlie who is a marvellous boxer dog breed. I currently live in England though I’ve lived for two years in a small village in central european country where Charlie was born. Unluckily he is living with my boyfriend in another country but I feel like Charlie might go to UK for visiting me with m y boyfriend. I miss them a lot. Even then I’m thinking of Charlie could live at home because I just change job to another so that I’ve got much time off to spend with him. I’ve just read in some pet collars posts about carrying dogs in the car or going into the aeroplane with them and I was wondering of someone could say to me something about the rules in highways in United Kingdom regarding taking pets into the car. This photo seems very funny to me and I’ve posted it on pet collars website. He really used to enjoy peeking his head out the window and feels the air into his chubby cheeks . I took this photo when we lived in another country. I really like this photo of him .Cheers :9