Three words can define the use of dog collars in ancient times: Decorating, Protect and Identification. These meanings seem really similar than current days but the difference was the purpose of this.

Dogs were used to hunt or protect the flock. They were hunters or shepherds. According to this, dog collars used to be really “spiked collars” to avoid the bite of other animals.

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Sadly the cruel practices with dogs were quite common in ancient times like baiting with dogs to the wolf hunting or dog fights. However, there are lots of facts about the dogs meaning as a god or a symbol in ancient times as Egypt or Rome. They always felt dogs like hunters or protectors but dogs were given a divine sense. This was the meaning of decorating dog collars.



It was in Renaissance time when a system of dog registration and licensing was born with the use of name tags on the collars. The names which appeared on those dog collars, were the owner names instead of dog names. In that time, dogs became achievable to the middle class so that leather collars without much decoration were used.

Another sort of dog collar quite popular in that time was the padlock collar. This was suggested the sense of property of dogs to their owners. It would be some centuries later when the love dog feeling would have their real expression.



Everybody know what dog leashes are for but a few people know the history meaning of this rope. From the time man started to keep living with dogs, leashes were used but..What has the sense of this purpose been? Obviously, dogs could be control by man.

Many history pieces of information show dogs have worn collar and leash since antique times. Images of dogs in antique art date back to 4400 B.C; In Egypt Leashes were used in training to hunt and defend from attack. In Middle Ages, leashes were used to make dogs more aggressive. This practice started in the 11thcentury  and changed into illegal in the 17thcentury. During the Renaissance period, dogs became achievable to the middle class instead of only the royalty although not all dogs were given a darling lifestyle. In that time, dogs were leashed all the time less at the night to protect the land or they were released in the field to hunt.

ancient-romeTo conclude, we can claim dog leashes were frequently used in ancient times to strengthen dogs aggressiveness for the hunting or protection.

Luckily the love feeling towards dogs as pets which goes on today, started and spread on a massive scale since the final of 19th century.

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